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Round-the-clock Genset Refuelling

Our country still faces many challenges when it comes to an uninterrupted supply of electricity. As a result of this, India has over 2 crore commercial and residential complexes that function on power backup generator sets.

The common practice of re-fuelling is that jerry cans or sometimes barrels are used to obtain diesel from fuel pumps and are usually brought on-site through unsafe means of transporting.


Moreover, the fuel is often stocked up and stored in order to avoid going to the fuel pump regularly, and this practice is unsafe.

How Fuel it helps 

Anywhere, anytime 

We offer fuel for any kind of generators that help support residential complexes, business tech parks, five-star hotels, banks, malls, hospitals, mobile towers etc,

Fail-proof delivery 

There is absolutely no need for you to store fuel in barrels or cans anymore because you can schedule the fuel delivery and Fuel it will supply fuel directly to the generator sets. However, if you have to inevitably store fuel at the site, we have automated lock-in systems that can prevent fuel losses. 

Avoid spillage of fuel 

Given the direct refuelling of gen-sets through nozzles, you can eliminate any fuel spillage. Fuel it goes the extra mile and provides almost a zero-spill supply of fuel. 

No fuel gets stolen or lost 

Since we commit to on-site refuelling, you can now eliminate any stealing of fuel that usually occurs when fuel is purchased or during the transit from the fuel pump to the generator site. 

Regulate the consumption of fuel

With Fuel it’s on-site refuelling and a responsive dashboard, you can monitor the fuel consumption of every generator you have in place. If you purchase fuel for different locations, you can monitor the consumption of fuel in each of those locations. With this feature, budgeting for each location becomes easier. 

Refuelling fleets of all sizes

It does not matter if you are a local establishment with a relatively small fleet or a nationwide establishment with huge fleets of cars/trucks/busses/construction equipments at multiple locations, you will definitely benefit from Fuel It’s mobile re-fuelling service. 

More often than not, many companies send their fleet of vehicles to close-by fuel pumps and waste large amounts of mileage when making empty re-fuelling trips. Some ask the fleet cars/trucks/busses to go to the fuel station en-route during their commute. This causes you to lose many productive hours while your fleet takes frequent stops at the fuel pumps. There are instances when some operators instruct their fleet vehicles to fuel pumps when they are filled with passengers.


All of these situations can be prevented with Fuel it’s mobile on-site re-fuelling service.

How Fuel it helps 

Preserve your productive hours 

Your fleet can be easily refuelled when going in and out of your assembly point or even at the customer's location. Moreover, if your fleet operates in the tourism/travel sector, the vehicles could be refuelled while they are idle in the parking area during a shift change or cleaning. 

Avoid the misuse of cash/cards 

Why entrust the cash/ cards onto your human resources when all you have to do is pay directly to Fuel it for all refuelling purposes. This way, you are avoiding potential misuse of cash resources at fuel pumps. 

No more fuel theft 

With Fuel it, you can get the refuelling process done at your premises for each vehicle, and you can just live carefree knowing no fuel will be stolen from the storage containers. Believe it or not, In India, businesses incur 20 percent losses on average against fuel theft! Why would you choose to endure fuel theft when we have an effective money-saving facility we are providing?

Regulate fuel consumption by your fleet 

You can regulate the rate of fuel consumption seamlessly with Fuel it’s on-site refuelling service model. You can also track the consumption rates across different fleet locations. This would not just help you plan your budget for fuel in a better way, but also keep an eye out for possible fuel loss via theft.

Let go of the paperwork

You do not have to manually keep track of the refuelling every time a vehicle is topped up. Our interactive dashboard allows you to track the consumption behaviour of each of your vehicles just by logging in on your desktop or mobile. This works even better if your fleet is all over the country!


Infrastructure/Industry machinery

Be it construction sites, residential complexes, IT Parks, mining sites or any type of infrastructure sites. Fuel it’s mobile refuelling service helps you carry out projects right on time. 

We realise the vitality of dependable fuel delivery service at construction sites. The unproductive time during refuelling by traditional methods could spike up your costs drastically.


We know that industries need to keep running at any cost, and hence, offer consistent and reliable service, making sure all your important equipment is always fueled up.

How Fuel it helps 

Cut down on-site fuel storage 

You do not have to store the fuel in barrels for further use now that you can simply schedule fuel delivery whenever you require and we provide refuelling directly into the machinery, avoiding any need for storage. However, if you have to store fuel, we have automated lock-in systems that can seal your storage from any kind of malpractice. 

Avoid Fuel Theft 

With our direct-to-equipment refuelling, you can remain worry-free about possibilities of fuel theft at your work site. 

Mobile petrol pumps for agricultural regions

70 percent of India’s population lives in rural areas and if you have lived for long in any of them, you know for a fact how hard it is to source fuel for vehicles and motors used in the process of agriculture.


We intend to eradicate the problem by providing mobile fuel pumps in the form of secure fuel tanker trucks in those regions where people have to travel tens of kilometres just to find a fuel pump.

How Fuel it helps 

A fleet of fuel tanks 

We will have a fleet of fuel tanks positioned in key parts of the rural areas at a designated time where people can get access to fuel without having to travel for long. 

Save time, fuel and money

It is excruciating enough to commute long distances to refuel and to add to that, you are also burning fuel, extra money and time to get there. With our mobile fuel pumps located closer to village areas, this problem will be a thing of the past.

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