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Fuel it

We at Fuel it, are firm believers that it is more useful to walk the change than just talk about change. To do anything worthwhile, motivation, dedication and determination are a must. At Fuel it, we are driven by all that, and more. Our purpose defines not only what we stand for, but also how crucial it is, in a world of ever-increasing carbon footprints. We are working on redefining the way fuel distribution takes place in India. We deliver fuel at the doorstep of all those who often struggle with fuel procurement from traditional outlets. It is already a known fact that traditional methods of fuel procurement cause wastage of fuel, consequently leading to ecological damages through spillages and pollution. Not just that, a significant amount of money and manpower is lost due to these means. 


Fuel it is here to change all that. We deliver fuel distribution services for industries, infrastructure sites, office complexes and other establishments that frequently require fuel on large scale. Our easy-to-use service makes sure your fuel needs are met on time, with the assurance of zero wastage, safety and convenient use of technology. We are here to save huge costs that you incur to store fuel in large volumes, and also help you regulate the fuel consumption by your establishment.

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How it all started

As a college-going business student, I always had a keen interest in value-added commercial ventures that can change the world for the better. It wasn’t until one day I noticed fuel being procured in large quantities in the fuel pumps that I realized there was a whole consumer market that had gone untapped in the digital age and had a better understanding of things that could potentially go wrong in mass fuel procurement. When I delved deep into the matter, I found out this is how most industries that required fuel obtained them every day, without a convenient solution that could avoid wastage of fuel through spillages, theft, and the sheer dead mileage incurred just going to and fro the fuel pumps. The solution was to deliver fuel to them at their doorstep, ensuring there is no hassle on the customer's end while contributing to the conservation of fuel, and therefore the ecosystem as a whole.


-Brijesh, Co-Founder


How Fuel it Works


Access the soon-to-be-launched Fuel it App


Fill in your info


Order fuel in a few taps


Quickest possible delivery

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Our Philosophy

To revolutionise the way large-scale fuel procurement takes place in the country and carve out a way for a sustainable, easy and cost-effective distribution of fuel

Our Vision

To become a national leader in India's Smart Fuel Distribution services...

Our Mission

To Create and Empower Rural Entrepreneurship...

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