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  • What is Fuel it?
    Fuel it is a new-age digital platform that offers fuel delivery at your doorstep, be it for your fleet/industries/Gensets/Infrastructure sites and so on in a reliable, safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. All you need to do is place your order with us and obtain fuel at your prescribed location in legally fabricated Fuel it mobile bowsers as per your schedule. We are here to make refuelling easy.
  • What locations are you operating in?
    We are beginning our services in the industrial sectors located in the Eastern regions of India. Soon, we will be operating throughout the country.
  • How can we order from Fuel it?
    Our Fuel it app is available for download on both Android and IOS. Just get onto the Google Play Store or Apple Store to download our free app. You can also access our website URL for the same.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    We operate all day, every day; that is to say 24 hours all 365 days.
  • How do I pay Fuel it?
    We have not only made procurment of fuel easy but have also made the payment methods convenient for you. You can pay through any of these methods: ● Credit/Debit Cards online via app and website ● RTGS/NEFT ● POS machine at the time of delivery ● COD ● PayTM & GPay
  • How do I get the receipts of payment?
    Once the fuel is delivered, you shall receive an automated email comprising the receipt and all the order details. You will also receive a digital receipt on your mobile as well as a sms at the time of delivery at your location.
  • Where do you source your fuel from?
    At, Fuel it, we source fuel directly from Oil Marketing Companies. Our process includes a stern assurance check to make sure the fuel is analyzed for quality and zero-wastage before you have it delivered to your location.
  • Is Fuel it safe?
    Undoubtedly! Safety is our utmost priority and we ensure it is communicated to everyone at Fuel it. Our operating persons are thoroughly trained in alignment with the SOP’s (Standard operating procedures) issued by the government of India. They are commercially licensed and also hazmat-trained. Even the staff at our office undergo dangerous goods awareness training along with fire safety training. Our specially designed & certified trucks come with spill containment kits, fire extinguishers and several other safety features to ensure complete security.
  • How do you ensure the quality of fuel being delivered?
    The fuel we source undergoes various quality test analyses and we follow standard operating procedures to ensure we supply only the best quality of fuel.
  • Can I also schedule my deliveries if not instantly place orders?
    You certainly can schedule your deliveries, all you have to do is get in touch with us and become one of our scheduled-delivery clients.
  • Are there any cancellation charges if we choose to cancel the order?
    Yes, there will be a nominal cancellation charge if you choose to cancel the order.
  • What are the regions Fuel it will operate in?
    Fuel it will be serving all across the country, pan India in other words.
  • Is Fuel it bad for the environment?
    To be true, it’s quite the opposite, we actually decrease carbon footprints by offsetting emissions. How? You may ask. When you choose Fuel it and avoid the round trip to the fuel pump, you are essentially skipping the miles covered on the road. Besides, when we source fuel from the Oil Marketing Companies and avoid storage in shoddy underground tanks, we are also keeping fuel away from the underwater reserves.
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