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Fuel the
Right Way

For years together now, procurement of fuel at an industrial scale has always been an unorganized business practice and it is simply astounding how a large amount of resources and time go wasted and never gets accounted for. How, you ask?

Pilferage - When an establishment requires large volume of fuel, they usually send the human resources at their disposal to procure it. This is where pilferage takes place.

Industry insiders speculate large quantum of pilferage happening, and there are umpteen number of incidents like this that industries face every day but can do nothing about, mostly because there is no supervision and audit the whole process, or sometimes simply because their hands are tied due to lack of proof.

Spillage - Another reason for wastage of fuel is when it is procured and manually filled in gen-sets, storage tanks or other machinery at the site. Don’t believe us? Try filling a water bottle from another; nozzle to nozzle. 

These seemingly mundane factors lead to a significant but unnoticed loss if you are an industry that relies on large volumes of fuel frequently. Although now there are fuel distribution services that simply operate as a food delivery service; never taking responsibility for the product itself but only providing logistical solutions. There has not been a single smart solution that could guarantee almost zero wastage in fuel procurement. Until now!

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